New Zealand Wildlife (in our backyard)

10 January 2010 - Gorgeous found a hedgehog on our back lawn.
Sunday 17 April 2011 - X Tree out the front of the house. Monday 14 March 2011 - Found two brown stick insects in the tree. Monday 14 March 2011 - Close up of the larger brown stick insect.
Monday 14 March 2011 - Close up of the smaller brown stick insect. Sunday 27 March 2011 - Found a green stick insect on the side of the house. Monday 28 March 2011 - Found a preying mantis at the side of the house. Stayed on the side of the breeding cages. Died Sunday 30 April.
Tuesday 12 April 2011 - A Fantail in the tree out the back of the house. Sunday 17 April 2011 - Found 4 stick insects in the tree - the larger brown one. Sunday 17 April 2011 - A green stick insect (the same as the earlier one?).
Sunday 17 April 2011 - The smaller brown stick insect. Sunday 17 April 2011 - A third brown stick insect - but only has one front leg left! Sunday 17 April 2011 - A coccoon hanging in the tree - for which insect?
Sunday 24 April 2011 - Look what I found in our back yard - any ideas? Sunday 24 April 2011 - Isn't he/she magnificent! Sunday 24 April 2011 - Fairly tame stayed there for about 10 minutes when we noticed it and lots of photos later - finally moved across the yard to the tree.
Saturday 30 April 2011 - Has (grown?) a leg on the right side near the back now. Saturday 30 April 2011 - Only seen one or two brown stick insects for a while now. Found a coccoon and now it has disappeared. This seems to be smaller than most of them. Saturday 30 April 2011 - Another small brown stick insect (3 in total on tree), next to a coccoon that has been there for ages.
Monday 2 May 2011 - One small brown stick insect and the old coccoon. Monday 2 May 2011 - One small brown stick insect (still upside down). Monday 2 May 2011 - The larger brown stick insect growing back its limbs.
Monday 2 May 2011 - Found a coccoon right near the bottom of the tree. Wednesday 4 May 2011 - Camoflagued brown stick insect.
28 Aug 2012: A pair of ducks drop by 2-3 times a day for food and water. 2012: A second pair of ducks also stopping by.
7 Jan 2013: Tabbie (cat) found a skink and we rescued it and put into a pile of old logs.
Sat 12 Jan 2013: Someone dropped off an Eastern Rosella who had flown into their house. Put into a heated container but wanted some company late that night. No noticeable damage but legs are behind it. Sun 13 Jan 2013: After expert advice and tlc the Rosella survived the night and is looking better. Trying to take weight on legs. Nibbled on apple and sipped some water. Mon 14 Jan 2013: Still with us for now and really taking weight on legs, noticed the right knee is swollen. Flapping wings and nibbling on apple.
Tue 15 Jan 2013: Getting more mobile and wanting to eat more. Wed 16 Jan 2013: Unable to get to SPCA and it really should be there now for next level of expert care.
Wed 16 Jan 2013: Sperm whale 50foot stranded on Paraparaumu Beach by Boat Club early in the morning. Wed 16 Jan 2013: From the tail end. Wed 16 Jan 2013: Its head and jaws.
Wed 16 Jan 2013: The small channel it must have swum up at high tide - most unusual. Wed 16 Jan 2013: Many, many people plus experts all arriving to have a look.