FOOD AND FEEDING - What we do:

T E X T.

DON'T Feed only birdseed - fresh greens and veges are nutritious! DON'T Use plastic or grit covered perches - use pieces of driftwood and fruit tree branches. DON'T Keep in the cage - let out for a fly every day for a few hours - they need their exercise too!
Cuttle fish (hang on side of cage or aviary) Fine Oyster Grit (not mussel grit) Fresh water daily - and scrub out the container too!
Weed - Puha Weed - Dandelion (whole plant) Weed - xxx (whole plant)
Silverbeet (once or twice a week) Seeded grass Frozen veges (easier to store) - peas & corn (& carrot), broccoli pieces.
Fresh veges/herbs - grated or lengths of carrot, celery, spinach, wedges of apple, oranges, raw corn cobs - whole or cut into chunks. Lemon and citrus tree branches with leaves (use as perches too), Fejoia branches with leaves, Plum branches with leaves - vary the thickness of the branches.
Cut-down 2litre milk bottle container of fresh beach sand (for eating) and a piece of pumice (for nibbling) Cut-down ice-cream container of sand (for "dirt" bath) Kitty Litter tray of water (for a bath)
A mixture of grated carrot (and beetroot) mixed with 6 crushed Milk Arrowroot biscuits. Hulled Oats - soak about 1 yoghurt pot for 10 birds overnight in water. Next day rinse very thoroughly and drain in a sieve. Serve in a dish or mix with crushed Milk Arrowroot biscuits. Add 1 teaspoon of xxx powder (Joss) to seed mix every day for health and vitality.
Millet sprays once a week as very fattening, unless feeding chicks or put in nestbox with chicks once two weeks old to get them to learn to eat (helps Mum too!) Seed bells are also very fattening so only 1-2 a month.