Welcome to the Tewhanau Pet Information website. Currently this is a photo diary of our birds and their breeding journals. We have bred Budgies, Cockatiels, Chinese Painted (Button) Quails, Zebra Finches and Canaries. 2010/2011 season was our first year breeding. This is our fifth season and we are breeding Budgies, Cockatiels, Canaries, Barrabands, Bourkes, Java Sparrows, Redpoll Finches, Goldfinches, Chinese Painted (Button) Quails and Japanese Quails and Bantams. The photos above are of our first budgies hatched - Joe and Creme, the first cockatiels hatched - two pearl hens, Timmy & Sarah's first clutch of Chinese Quails, the first Zebra Finches breeding stock, the first Canaries breeding stock, Red and Pam Californian Quail, Japanese Quail, Australian Brown Quail, Java Sparrows, Alex Indian Ringneck, Redpoll Finches, Goldfinches, Barrabands and Rosa Bourkes. We are regularly updating the photos and information.

For lost or found pets and birds, you can contact your local SPCA either directly by phone or via their website Pets on the Net. Other places to try are Trademe, Trade and Exchange, your local Radio Stations and all local Veterinary Clinics. For birds in the Kapiti region, you could also try emailing the Secretary of the Kapiti Bird Club, who may know from other members about lost or found birds in the local area. Birds will fly and fly until they are exhausted and then drop to the ground - this is when they are most vulnerable to predators and possibly easier to catch. They can fly up to 1-2 miles away (as the crow flies!). I had two 3month old budgies escape on a Tuesday and were found that Friday - they had obviously managed to survive somehow, and they were found a good 15 minute drive from home.